On January 1st, 2015 following a rigorous stakeholder consultation period, Greysbrooke governors unanimously supported the transformation of our school to a Foundation School and our membership of the Aston Brooke Co-operative Learning Trust. This saw our adoption of the values and principles of the co-operative movement namely, self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity. It also reflected our belief in the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility, and caring for others. Co- operatives principles are: Voluntary and open membership; Democratic member control; Member economic participation; Autonomy and independence; Education, training and information; Co-operation among co-operatives and concern for community. They underpin the work of the Trust and as values and principles which we already share, will strengthen the work of Greysbrooke Primary and Little Aston Primary schools even further.

Joint Vision Statement

Our vision is to use the strength of the trust to create and maintain an outstanding learning community, involving  key partners. There will be an unrelenting commitment to improving achievement, attainment and aspiration for all children enabling them to achieve to their full potential, by:

  • Further improve outcomes for all young people in our learning community, with strengthened focus on school to school self-improvement
  • Improving outcomes for all young people in our learning community
  • Providing outstanding, memorable learning experiences within an enriched and personalised curriculum
  • Achieving more by schools and partners working together rather than schools working separately by formalising and further developing arrangements already in place for joint working.
  • Establishing long-term and sustainable relationships between our schools
  • Involving stakeholders more fully in the learning of young people
  • Support each school to become and then stay ‘Outstanding’

The values of the Trust are underpinned by the principles of equality, inclusion and a commitment to support the well-being of every child in our schools and their families. We are supported by a partnership of the Co-operative Movement, initially the Co-operative College, Aston University, The Arthur Terry Teaching School, Birmingham City University and ECM Education Consultants, in ensuring achievement is raised and a coherent provision available across all phases of education.

Aston University & Birmingham City University

To increase collaboration through the existing partnership & to build upon their academic expertise. To enable us to be at the forefront of research and development and to develop our practice accordingly. To enable further training opportunities for staff and curriculum enhancement for our children. Some university- school links have already been planned for science /engineering developments.

The universities large resource banks will also enhance our curriculum delivery and the possibility of charitable status; provide us with increased opportunities to access a range of funding streams for the benefit of our schools. By observing and working with academic professionals and visiting the universities, we hope to further increase our children`s aspirations for the future.

The Arthur Terry Teaching School

As a top performing, outstanding comprehensive, Arthur Terry Teaching School Alliance provides opportunities for excellence in developing teachers as they are the National College lead provider, for continued professional development through training programmes such as the Outstanding Teacher Programme and Middle Leader Development Programme. They are also at the forefront of developing KS2 to KS3 transition materials and as a performing arts academy can offer an abundance of opportunities.

ECM Education Consultants

ECM Education Consultants are an educational training and consultancy company, established since September 2010. The three directors have had extensive experience in education as Head Teachers, School Improvement Partners, Local Authority Advisors and NCSL Consultants. The ECM directors have also carried out Local Authority Advisory work and training, as well as support for schools. ECM Education Consultants and associates work alongside school leaders and staff to provide a wide range of bespoke guidance, support, coaching and training opportunities which will obviously benefit both of our schools in our future development.

The Schools will strive to:

  • Enhance collaboration and co-ordination across schools for the benefit young people’s education and well-being
  • Improve learner achievement, improved teaching and enhanced leadership skills through sharing practice
  • Share resources to improve the quality of education for young people and the community in a cost effective way
  • Jointly commission resources and expertise for the benefit of the community, young people and families
  • Work with Local Authority, education and community partners in a
    co-ordinated and collaborative way to enhance the support of the school and local communities